"Vandalism proof" the definition

Vandalism proof means as much as "resistant to vandalism". The term is mainly applied to (the construction of) buildings, from their design and (confirming) street furniture and works of art in the public space. The completely Dutch-language variants of this understanding (huftervast or vandal-resistant) are popularly a lot less common. The last part of the word, for example, is along the lines of proof, waterproof or foolproof from the English language. Vandalism proof is a term in the mid-1980s of the 20th century for the first time would be used, by the former Board member of the Amsterdam nieuwendijk Retailers Association, Han Reekers. The measures taken must be to make vandal-proof because objects can have far-reaching consequences for the design and cost, eventually causing the feasibility under pressure. Also the acceptance of the objects below it can lead, because chances are that the final result also depersonalised, killer and anonymous. As criticism of vandalism proof designs is ever suggested that it's the wrong approach and not the objects need to be changed, but the behavior of the hufters must be addressed and that vandalism proof designs a certain degree of tolerance for this behavior implies.

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