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At COF Europe we have various street furniture from the well-known Polysteel. Everything you find on our site is made from Premier Polysteel. Thanks to the material used, our products will stand the test of time, even in the most demanding weather conditions. Would you like to know more about COF Europe's street furniture and the different products we have? Then read on quickly.

The different types

As mentioned, all our products are made of the Polysteel. This makes it weather-resistant furniture that will not rust. This is all due to the special production process of our products. The durable furniture is made of high-quality steel that is coated in a liquid PVC. Once applied, it is baked in an oven. This ensures that there is a strong bond to the metal. Due to the hardening in the oven, the surface is smooth and resistant to bacterial and fungal growth. As a supplier of these products, we provide a 20-year warranty.
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Supplier of street furniture steel

As mentioned, we are the supplier of street furniture made of steel with a special PVC treatment, so you buy furniture at COF Europe. With this special operation, we ensure that we sell durable and weather-resistant furniture. Despite being steel, it is weather resistant and will not rust. Another big advantage of our products is that there are no openings in our products. This prevents bees and other insects from hiding in the street furniture. The furniture is therefore completely safe for schoolyards, camping sites or recreation parks.

Street furniture applications

There are several possible applications for the street furniture that we sell. For example, the benches and waste bins are suitable as street furniture in the municipality and our picnic tables and bicycle racks are ideal as furniture in holiday parks, at campsites, at schoolyards or at recreation places. Also for the patio we have street furniture. These various application options make it clear that COF Europe furniture can be widely used. Whether you want durable furniture in your garden, or you are looking for weather-resistant furniture for a client such as a municipality or a holiday park, COF Europe offers all kinds of different furniture. In addition, the various pieces of furniture are extremely suitable as terrain furniture.
Buy street furniture You can buy street furniture at COF Europe. We are a supplier of Premier Polysteel furniture that has many applications. Whether you want to furnish a patio with weather-resistant furniture or are looking for street furniture for recreational areas, you can contact COF Europe. View the product catalog to view all our products. Here you can also see the different options in color, shape and style of the Polysteel. In the product catalog you will get a good idea of the many possibilities that we offer. Would you like more information about us as a supplier and our street furniture? Then contact us via the contact form.
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