Street furniture Municipality

At COF Europe you will find different street furniture for municipality. By using premier Polysteel, the street furniture of COF Europe durable and weather resistant. In addition, we provide a 20-year warranty, so that you are assured of good stuff in the long term. Other advantages of COF Europe furniture are that it cannot rust and because there are no holes in it, insects such as wasps cannot settle in the furniture. You can read more about the different furniture for the municipality on this page.

Street furniture sofa

At COF Europe you will find several banks that can act as street furniture. These benches can easily be placed throughout the municipality. This can be done, for example, along walking routes or in the center. With the help of the benches you offer the possibility to let pedestrians sit for a while during their walk. The benches are available in different styles and sizes. The similarity is that they are all available in twelve different colors and different types of styles. For example, you can choose that the benches in nature do not stand out by choosing a green color or you can choose to take an outdoor bench in the color(s) of the municipality. There are many possibilities with the benches from our street furniture range.

Street furniture waste bins

The waste bins from the street furniture range are available in three different sizes, 80, 115 and 198 litres. This allows you to keep walking routes and public areas in the municipality waste-free. The street furniture bins ensure that you offer an attractive and maintenance-free way of collecting waste. The waste bins are also available in twelve different colors and different material styles. This allows you to choose that the street furniture in the municipality all match for a one-sided appearance.

Street furniture picnic tables

At COF Europe you can also find picnic tables as street furniture for your municipality. There are different types of tables; round, square, oval and rectangular. We have also thought of the disabled people and children. For example, there are special tables available where a wheelchair can easily be pushed. There are also picnic tables in a smaller size for children. Due to the construction of this picnic table, it is virtually impossible for children to tilt it when they sit down. Of course you want the street furniture in your municipality to be safe, and that is certainly the furniture from COF Europe.

Bicycle racks for your municipality

Are you inconvenienced by wildly parked bicycles in your municipality? Then the various street furniture bicycle racks from COF Europe can offer a solution. The bicycle leaning brackets can be placed in different places. The bicycle racks fit in well with the other street furniture in the COF Europe municipality. This improves the appearance of your municipality by purchasing street furniture with the same appearance instead of placing all kinds of different types of street furniture in the municipality.

Buying municipal street furniture

Do you want to buy street furniture for your municipality? Then you have come to the right place at COF Europe. Our street furniture is weather-resistant, maintenance-free and long-lasting. You get a 20-year warranty on all our products. You can also get custom colors of the street furniture for your municipality, but you should keep in mind that there is a longer delivery time. Would you like to know more about the possibilities at COF Europe? Please contact us via the contact form or by using the contact details.