Street Furniture Holiday Park

Do you want park furniture or street furniture for holiday park, camping or recreation area? You will find that at COF Europe. Our range consists of various pieces of furniture that are perfect as street furniture at a campsite, holiday park or in a recreational area. You can read all about the different products on this page.

Street furniture camping

Do you have a campsite and are you, for example, looking for street furniture by your pool? Our park furniture such as patio furniture and sun loungers are perfect for this. These are available in twelve different colors and feel cool on hot days. When it gets colder, they in turn feel warmer again. In addition, the furniture is weather resistant and can be left outside all year round, without being influenced by the weather conditions.

Street furniture recreation

You can also contact COF Europe for street furniture in a recreation area. We offer a variety of park furniture for different purposes. With us you will find picnic tables, outdoor benches, waste bins and more. This allows you to set up a recreation area with street furniture that can be left outside all year round without having to worry that the quality will deteriorate. Our street furniture for recreation, holiday parks and campsites can be left outside all year round because it is designed to withstand all kinds of weather. It will not rust. Are there any problems? Then you have a 20-year warranty with us.

Do you need a solution for parking bicycles? Bicycle racks are also part of our street furniture for recreation, holiday parks and campsites. We have three different solutions so that there is one for every situation.

Advantages of street furniture holiday park

Our street furniture for holiday parks, campsites and recreational areas has a number of advantages. The first is the material it is made of: Polysteel. This is steel with a layer of baked PVC around it. The coating has a thick layer of 3mm. By baking this at a high temperature for a long time, the surface becomes smooth and it is more resistant to bacteria and mold. In addition, all our park furniture is available in twelve different colours. With some products of the street furniture for campsites, holiday parks and recreational areas, it is also possible to get a custom color. Then you just have to take into account a longer delivery time.

In addition to the finish of the products, none of the furniture has openings where insects could hide or nest. Due to the material from which all the furniture is made, it is naturally heavy and difficult to move. Additional mounting brackets are also available for various products to ensure that it has nowhere to go.

Park furniture

COF Europe has an extensive range of park furniture that can serve as street furniture at your campsite, holiday park or recreation area. The park furniture can be personalized in various ways, for example by color and engraving (depending on the type of furniture). The park furniture consists of Polysteel, which makes it weather-resistant, maintenance-free and durable.

Buy camping street furniture

Would you like to buy street furniture for a campsite, holiday park or recreation area? Please contact COF Europe to find out more about the possibilities. In addition, we can advise you on the best solutions and which park furniture products best suit your situation.