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No one is alone with a friend's bench at school

With a friends' bench on your school square, nobody has to play alone during the break. From Uden, near Den Bosch, we sell our so-called “buddy bench” to schools throughout the Netherlands so that every student can find a buddy in the schoolyard.

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Encourage friendships at school with a friends bench

You can contact COF Europe for different banks and other products for your schoolyard, but we also sell a special friends bench for schools. The concept of a buddy bench originated in the United States, where it is called a "buddy bench", and is intended to encourage friendships in school. Some children find it difficult to find friends at school, but a buddy bench makes this easier. Students can sit on this bench when they have no one to play with during recess. That way others know they are looking for someone to play with. Teachers also know that something may be wrong when a child often sits alone on the bench. In this way, a buddy bench ensures that no one has to feel alone at school.

Find other furniture for your schoolyard with us

You will find one with us next to the friends bench wide range of outdoor furniture appropriate for your school environment. Our products are of high quality and therefore last for years outdoor furniture in your schoolyard. We use Premier Polysteel that is coated in a PVC layer so that our products do not rust or weather and can be used for years.

Buy your buddy bench and encourage friendships at your school

Request your quote and give every child an opportunity to find friends in the schoolyard. Do you have any questions about our friends bench or would you like to know more about outdoor furniture for your school? Send us a message or call us at (0031) 413 24 68 41. We are happy to help you.