Complete maintenance free
Special one anti-scratch coating
For 20 years Guarantee

The best trash cans for every amusement park

At COF Europe you will find the perfect trash cans for every amusement park. Our bins are made from special Premier Polysteel and are coated with PVC, making them resistant to the toughest weather conditions. This means that our bins can be left outside all year round.

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Buy our sustainable trash cans for your amusement park

At our company in Uden, near Den Bosch, you will find a wide range supply of street furniture. Because we use high quality Polysteel and a hard 3mm UV-resistant coating is us street furniture extremely durable. Because of this coating, our outdoor furniture scratch resistant so that they stay beautiful even longer. Our production method is therefore also very suitable for making waste paper bins. The bins can be left outside all year round because they can withstand the toughest weather conditions and do not rust or mold. In addition, there are no openings our trash cans making it impossible for insects, such as wasps and bees, to build their nests in it. As a result, visitors to your amusement park can safely throw away their waste in our waste bins without being bothered by insects.

Keep your theme park clean with our trash cans

Buy our sustainable waste bins quickly and keep your amusement park clean and tidy. Do you have questions about our products or special wishes? Feel free to use the contact form contact us or reach us by phone at (0031) 413 24 68 41.