Premier Poly steel street furniture

PVC coated steel street furniture and other products will stand the test of time. You can rely on this! This is particularly important as we strive to offer the best commercial street furniture. Even in demanding conditions, will Premier poly steel products not rust. This is thanks to our unique production process.

First of all, we start with solid tubes of high quality metal. All components are thoroughly cleaned before the coating. As a result, a strong bond between the PVC coating and the metal. Further, a primer, specially developed for PVC coatings, metal cover well. The primer is then baked at high temperatures. The metal is then fully immersed in liquid PVC (plastisol). A thick layer (3 mm) coating is added during this process. Finally, the coated steel part for a long time in an oven baked at high temperatures. This will create during
the hardening process to ensure strong adhesion to the metal. The surface hardened by the furnace is now smoother and more resistant to bacteria and fungus growth.

In addition to our proven process, we are in for safety and design. All our products are made on the basis of stability. And .., Premier poly steel street furniture has no openings so that bees and other insects are unable to hide. In addition, the PVC coating does not catch fire as some other thermoplastic coatings.




Premier polysteel gives 20 year guarantee

Because of the very high quality standards and superior design and materials, we will give twenty years guarantee on all standard products from the date of purchase by the original user. Although our guarantee is valid for normal wear and tear and although our plastics very colour fast, we can not guarantee at natural blur due to sunlight. This warranty is based on the use of the product for which it was originally designed, and specifically excludes a defect, which is caused by abuse, neglect, accident, or improper maintenance. Premier polysteel repairs or replaces, on a pro-rata basis, all parts that do not fall under the above conditions. All freight and installation costs should be paid by the user.