The heavy picnic tables of the Premier polysteel are so designed to be durable and to be safe. By design, it is almost impossible to do tilt to the table.  In addition, the completely by PVC-lined pipes do not allow access to bees and other insects. This provides additional security and peace of mind. In addition, the picnic tables for children designed with the same high quality standards in all our products. This PVC-coated steel picnic tables are specially designed to withstand even the toughest conditions. The hard PVC coating provides UV-stable and mildew resistant surfaces. Also, the coating on the global safety standards. There are twelve standard colors offered. So mix and match your favorite colors for a fun look! The picnic table is also available in up to three colors of your choice. In addition, the sitting areas and the table tops available in coated expanded metal or perforated steel. The picnic tables for Premier polysteel Champion are comfortable, very easy to clean. Paint will not adhere and because of this, it is maintenance-friendly. The quality is so high that we give this 20 year warranty!

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